Primped And Proper

Herbal Fantasy


Are you sick of scented candles that don't fill your room with fragrance? Enjoy a wonderful gift for your senses. The fragrances of bergamot, floral essence, and jasmine are tastefully blended in this Herbal Fantasy Candle. A blend that will undoubtedly relieve stress and improve anyone's mood.

Relax and enjoy the essential oils mixed for a spa without the getaway. The 4 oz is perfect for bathrooms and small bedrooms with a 15+ hour burn time. The 6.5 oz is perfect for small bedrooms and living spaces with a 30+ hour burn time. Our candles are handmade with quality soy wax.

This isn't just any candle, either. This is a one-of-a-kind candle that provides light to the world's darkest corners.


  • Top Note: Bergamot
  • Middle Note: Jasmine
  • Bottom Note: Floral Essence

Note: My candles are handmade and of top soy quality. I make sure that when I provide the oz. on each candle it is by how much product is in the candle and NOT the oz. of the actual candle. A lot of companies provide you the weight of the container and not the actual weight of the amount of wax that is inside the candle. I do this so that I am as transparent with my customers as possible.

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