Primped And Proper

Spice Spice Baby Massage Candle


Become immersed in a swirl of sweet and spicy goodness that will fill your room, and create the perfect fall atmosphere. This scent will put a smile on your face and have you in your most playful mood while turning your room into a bakery of delight. Allow the combination of cinnamon and vanilla to remind you that the most delicious things come towards the end of the year.

Your skin will be softened, hydrated, and nourished with the massage candle. Essential oils have been used to create a formula that will leave your skin soft and luminous.

Our candles are wonderful gifts. They are suitable for every holiday or special occasion because they may be used throughout the year. These candles would make a wonderful present for you or someone you care about.

Key Features:

  • Massage Candle
  • 20+ Hour Burn Time
  • Shea Butter
  • Almond Oil
  • Fragrance Oil

Note: My candles are handmade and of top soy quality. I make sure that when I provide the oz. on each candle it is by how much product is in the candle and NOT the oz. of the actual candle. A lot of companies provide you the weight of the container and not the actual weight of the amount of wax that is inside the candle. I do this so that I am as transparent with my customers as possible. DO NOT USE IT AS A SEXUAL LUBRICANT!

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